Checklist Item 1: Buy a boat

… only 354 items more on the checklist to go, as Harry pointed out this morning.

Actually, I have no idea at all how many items are on any number of checklists that we have started drawing up. And there are lots. But we have made a start. Sophie B is ours. She has a mooring. She might even be insured by early next week. She is gradually acquiring the sheaf of official papers that prove her existence in the material world: Transfer of ownership; Ship radio station licences; etc.

And now the real project begins: to make her ready for the start of the next Cape-to-Rio race. Which is why we bought her in the first place. The idea came up over Christmas 2013, Littler Brother and family were down from Jo’burg for the festive season, and one rather bibulous afternoon, we confessed to each other that each had wanted to sail the race. Within a week, we were both furiously surfing yacht-porn, for a boat suitable for the project. Size had to be less than 43′. Good performance. Safe. And, well, aesthetics had to come into it too.