Be calm, and carry on

Nevergetters log. Day 0.

We had an awesome start yesterday, a moderate to fresh South Easter, with a reach to the first mark at Milnerton, followed by a brisk run to the next mark at Blouberg. And then, next stop Rio.

We had expected a roughish nights sailing, but found ourselves making 150 nm in 16 hours, electing to head further west than our competitors.

Will7658628e-1659-4c20-bcba-dd55db4fd8c6-1834024989 the gamble pay off? We’re not sure. And right now we have found ourselves a little without wind. We have the pink spinnaker flying, the sea is inky blue. It’s hot. We’re happy.

Total distance covered… Around 200 nm.

Meals eaten: 2 (turkey and gammon rolls with mayo and mustard for supper; brie and bacon croissants for breakfast).

Race progress can be followed at Xtra-Trac.


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