Paradise found

While writing this blog we are slowly leaving the island of St Helena to our starboard beam, almost exactly 400 nautical miles due north.

Yesterday evening Harry and I were watching Oliver with great amusement as he was looking more and more desperate. After searching the same locker for the fifth time, Ollie finally found his cache of chocolate.

Early morning spinnaker hoist; S4 kite flying beautifully and the repairs to the pole seem to have been successful. Yesterday afternoon it handled breeze of over 20kn without any trouble. A perfect day for some serious blue water sailing.

Happy hour: Castle lager and some nice biltong in the company of Leonard Cohen.

Another bucket shower this morning on the sun bleached teak foredeck, now rich reddish brown in color as it is wet. Water temperature 28.7*C . Sitting naked for a long time thinking, feeling and just being deeply happy. Staring into the vastness of the deep blue sea, feeling the motion of the waves and the gentle strength of the wind moving us along.

Paradise found, for those who venture far.

May the sea gods and wind gods carry on smiling upon us.