Winds up

After a relatively slow day yesterday, we found the wind strengthen today to about 20 knots. The lumpy seas mean that we will not try our new fixed-up spinnaker pole as it is to be preserved for the more gentle winds of the tropics. This is fine, as Sophie B thanks us for being treated gently and gently skips along even when under genoa and main.

A fresh dorado caught by Harry yesterday meant that we had a delicious lunch of baked dorado accompanied by a lime, garlic and coriander sauce. The judges of master chef may have had a little trouble with the presentation as the bumpy sea put paid to any frills, but the taste was simply awesome.

I remember, now, why I never eat dorado that is not freshly caught from the mid-Atlantic. I’d be sure to be disappointed. The afternoon saw us cross the meridian into the Western Hemisphere, which was an excuse to follow lunch with a little champagne!

The race is hotting up, and we wait to hear the progress of the “faster” boats from our rear, as we make steady progress to Rio with Avanti within 50 miles or so of us. We feel our northerly track will stand us in good stead as we head for the trade winds.

The watch and sleeping routine is now exactly that – routine, and it is easy to enjoy wake up at odd hours for a bit of sailing and chatting one’s fellow crew. Of particular interest have been Petri’s lessons on dark matter, time and the theory of waves and how the ocean is sometimes uphill! Somehow after chatting to him it all makes sense. I think you need hours on the ocean to understand though.



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